Kinship Wheat Ale

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Inspired by a Korean dessert called Baesuk, this wheat beer has been brewed to tantalize the taste buds. Baesuk is a honey poached pear with spices, so naturally we used honey, pear juice and a hint of ginger  in the brewing process to make this beer. Complex yet approachable,  this is a real treat!


ABV - 5.0%

IBU- 15 


Kinship represents solidarity and inclusivity as hate crimes and discrimination towards the Asian community has intensified.  Brewed at our Mill Street Toronto Brew Pub, the Kinship Wheat Ale is a refreshing pear-infused brew with notes of honey and ginger. It was brewed in collaboration between Mill St Brewery and PAC-Asia Employee Resource Group. We hope that Kinship will lead by example: celebrating the coexistence of cultures and embracing the diversity that makes Canada unique. Our creative label was designed by PAC-Asia’s very own, Michael Hua (Designer at DraftLine) – created to bring communities together to stop Asian hate. To support Asian Canadian communities, $1.00 from every can will be donated to the Toronto Asian Solidarity Fund.


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