Lager Festival 4 - Pack

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Mill Street Original  Organic Lager

 The heartbeat of our brewery - this was the first beer that we ever brewed back in 2002 when we opened our doors. The idea of making organic beer was a precept of our company, it still represents that spirit of doing the right thing and that governs everything we do here at Mill Street.

 ABV – 4.2%

 IBU – 10


100th Meridian Organic Amber Lager

Brewed with organic prairie malt and Bravo and Cascade hops, our organic 100th Meridian Amber Lager™ is firmly grounded in North American brewing tradition. This flavourful amber beauty is our quintessential American-style craft˛ lager.

 ABV – 5.0%

 IBU – 24 IBU


Los Cabos Lager

 Los Cabos Lager is a limited release brew for our Lager Festival. This brew is a medium-bodied, hazy, pale yellow coloured lager, infused with chipotle pepper and fresh lime juice, gives way to a refreshing lime sweetness with an underlying yet building chipotle spice warmth.

 ABV - 4.8%

 IBU – 32


Sun Juice Lager

Sun Juice Lager is a limited release brew for our Lager Festival. This lager is a hybrid between a traditional light lager and a juicy IPA. This brew is aromatic, flavorful, crisp, and gently hazy. Notes of melon, lemon, and lime bring a tropical delight to this unique creation.


ABV - 5.6%

 IBU - 30

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