Blackstone Coconut Porter
Blackstone Coconut Porter

Blackstone Coconut Porter

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Inspired by a Coconut Drop cookie, this robust and complex porter is a treat for the Fall season. Brewed using molasses and brown sugar with natural coconut and vanilla extracts added just before canning, this beer has big coconut flavor and aroma with the finish of a classic porter. It’s a coconut cookie in a can!

The Blackstone Foundation Library makes Afrocentric reading and learning materials more accessible to Black communities through donation boxes, online programs, youth literacy workshops and their flagship library.

In collaboration with the Porter Brown Society, an internal employee resource group that supports the Black community through mentorship, events and more, we hope to highlight the importance of accessible knowledge for black communities.

To support The Blackstone Foundation Library, $1.00 from every can will be donated to their organization to continue providing resources, literature, and knowledge opportunities for the Black community within the GTA.

Vital Stats

- Coconut, Vanilla, Brown Sugar and Molasses
- Rich, Robust and Complex
- Tastes like a coconut drop cookie