The Hangout Coconut Porter

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Inspired by a Coconut Drop cookie, this robust and complex porter is a treat for the Fall season. Brewed using molasses and brown sugar with natural coconut and vanilla extracts added just before canning, this beer has big coconut flavor and aroma with the finish of a classic porter. It’s a coconut cookie in a can!

Hangout Coconut Porter was brewed in collaboration between The Hangout Community Group, MeVsMe and Porter-Brown Society. The Hangout Group is a local organization that focuses on supporting underserved BIPOC communities in Toronto. MeVsMe is an inclusive global community that inspires athletic access to all, no matter age, skin colour, ethnicity, or athletic ability. Together, we brewed a beer that celebrates BIPOC communities and embraces the diversity that makes Toronto unique. $1.00 from every can will be donated to The Hangout Community Group, supporting five families over the holiday season.

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